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FAQ (Failure and Error Indicators)

Q: I put the installer CD in my computer drive, but the installer won’t start.

Set your computer’s CD-ROM drive to Auto Start ON. Or open “CD-ROM” from “My Computer” and double-click the “setup.exe” or “setup” file to start the installation.

Q: Software installation stops before completion.

Confirm that you have enough free hard disk space. If it is not sufficient, provide the required free space on the drive where the software will be installed. Disk space varies by computer, but approximately 59 GB is required for the entire C drive. Contact us for details.

Q: The software has started, but the main unit is not recognized

First, confirm that the main unit number switch is set correctly.
*Main unit number switch ranges from 1 to 3. Select “1” for a single main unit.

If the main unit number is set correctly, confirm that all cords are connected correctly. If the connections are correct, check to see if the main unit’s main power is on. If the power is turned off, exit the software, turn the main power on, and then restart it.

Q: The elapsed time and number of bacteria are not being updated on the computer screen, even when time passes.

Make sure all cords are correctly connected. After reconnecting (if applicable), restart the computer and launch the software.

Q: Although the counting time should have expired, a “Counting is complete” message does not appear on the computer screen.

Make sure that your computer is not hung up (frozen).
Reconnect the cords, restart the computer, and relaunch the software.

Q: What happens to the results if the computer freezes or the power fails during a counting task?

If communication between the PC and main unit is lost for any reason, the data will automatically be fully recovered if communication is restored within 10 hours. If communication is lost for more than 10 hours, up to 10 hours of data can be recovered from the start of recovery.

However, when the main unit loses power, counting is interrupted at that point; thus, results from after the power interruption will not be retained.

Error indicators

For information about main unit and software error messages, click here.