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Food Bacteria Count System “DOX SYSTEM”

Rapid and reliable sanitation inspections

In recent years, due to changes in the environment surrounding dietary habits, the importance of risk management has been called into question with the Food Safety Basic Act.
In 2021, sanitation management (hygiene control) was fully implemented with HACCP. Further improvement in food safety is expected, and problems such as contamination by foreign substances and food-poisoning bacteria are required to be controlled in all processes through sanitation management based on HACCP or sanitation management that incorporates HACCP concepts.

As a hygiene control, hygiene indicator bacteria (which serve as an indicator for a good or bad hygiene) are a barometer of whether food has been handled cleanly. It takes expertise, time, and effort to test how much bacteria is present in food. Bacteria multiply over time, so if bacteria have been growing in raw materials, products, or manufacturing areas, they must be detected as soon as possible and immediate action must be taken. We have developed Food Bacteria Count System “DOX SYSTEM”, to simplify food sanitation inspections and make them rapid and easy, without the need for specialized knowledge.