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FAQ (Introducing the System)

Q: Can an employee with absolutely no experience in food bacteria counting use DOX?

Yes, it is possible. Once the samples are properly adjusted, DOX operation is easy.

Q: Can we try DOX before adoption?

Yes, we ask all who are considering introducing the system to use a demo with actual equipment so that they can visualize the actual flow of the system after introduction. Equipment and computers are loaned free of charge for such demonstrations, but consumables (cell cartridges and culture media) must be purchased.

Q: Can we request an analysis of our own samples?

We are sorry, but we do not perform requested analyses. Customers can count on their own with the demo unit.

Q: What else is needed for DOX testing besides culture media and cell cartridges?

Also needed are instruments for adjusting samples and for killing bacteria (that is, sterilizing) at the time of disposal after testing. (See the Process Leading to Introduction page for a list of equipment and supplies.)

Q: Do we need to prepare a bioclean room for testing?

A bioclean room is not required, but we ask that you keep the environment as sterile as possible.

Q: Is autoclaving strictly necessary?

Used cell cartridges must be sterilized before disposal. Some customers have purchased autoclaves for this purpose.

Q: How much does a complete set of testing equipment cost?

The cost will vary depending on the equipment and environment your company already has. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How is the cost performance compared to conventional methods?

Since traditionally burdensome processes such as incubation time and colony counting are not required, time efficiency is improved and labor costs are reduced.

Q: How much does one inspection (test) cost?

Information materials are available. Please contact us directly or consult a DOX distributor.

Q: Can we use computers we have in the company?

DOX cannot be used while connected to the Internet. Since it is desirable to minimize the load on the computer, we ask that you prepare a dedicated computer for DOX.

Q: Can we install DOX ourselves (in-house)?

Generally, our technical staff will visit your company to install DOX. At that time, we will also install the software so that you can begin testing immediately.

Q: We would like to replace our computer. Any suggestions?

We have recommended specs for computers to be used with DOX. Please contact us before replacing your computer.