FAQ (Other)

Q: What is HACCP?

It is an acronym for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point,” a food hygiene control method developed by NASA in the United States to ensure the safety of space food. DOX is another tool that can help.

Q: What is ISO 22000?

It is an international standard for “Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain.” It specifies requirements necessary to use the HACCP system methodology as a management system based on ISO 9001 (Quality management systems) in order to produce, distribute, and sell safe food.

Q: What industries are DOX customers in?

Our customers come from a wide variety of food-related industries, including meat and meat processing, seafood processing, confectionery, and delicatessen.

Q: Is the DOX testing method officially recognized?

It has been listed as a rapid and easy method in the Microorganisms Edition of the Food Sanitation Inspection Guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare since 2015.