DOX System Specifications

DOX main unit specifications

Model name DOX-60F DOX-30F
Number of channels 60 30
Maximum connections Total of 3 60F/30F units per PC
Set temperature 35°C to 37°C
Communication specs USB connection cord
LAN cable (cord specification: RJ-45/straight)
Rated power supply 100-120/200-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Rated power consumption 115/117W 64/66W
Recommended operating conditions Temperature 15-30°C, humidity 20-80%
(no condensation)
DOX main unit dimensions (excluding protruding parts) W600/H120/D130mm W430/H120/D130mm
Weight 14kg 9kg
Accessories Serial communication cable, power cord, bacteria-counting software

About the included software and computer

The system comes with software that automatically captures bacteria-counting results and converts them into a database.
Each individual test result is recorded, so there is no need to summarize them.

Customers must prepare their own PC in advance, and specifications for counting must be met.
Please consult with us prior to purchasing.

Supported models PC/AT compatible
interface USB port
Support OS Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
*Separate specification requirements may exist.