What is DOX?

Inspection system that automatically counts the number of bacteria in food

The Food Bacteria Count System “DOX SYSTEM” consists of the four components shown below.

DOX features

  • Easy

Simply set the sample solution and culture medium into the DOX main unit.

  • Easy
  • Rapid

Colonies are automatically measured.
No visual counting required!

  • Easy
  • Rapid

Results are automatically detected and recorded.

  • Rapid

Can count bacteria of multiple samples simultaneously!

Operation is easy, which can count from any channel.

  • Rapid

The higher the viable count, the faster the results will be known!

For >10^5CFU/g, approx. 6 hrs.

  • Anyone can easily test for total viable cells, coliforms, and E. coli, as well as Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella spp.!
  • This inspection system automatically counts, detects, and records the viable counts, and the bacteria-counting results are revealed sequentially from the sample with the highest count!
  • It is possible to reduce inspection time, as well as worrisome costs!
  • Bacteria-counting results are stored in the software and can be used as a database!

Results are known quickly. Therefore, if a problem occurs, feedback to the site and investigation of the cause can be sped up.
In addition, the search function can be utilized to confirm trends in test results.
It is already being used in a wide range of industries in Japan and abroad, including livestock, fisheries, agriculture, deli foods, flour milling, noodle making, confectionery, meal services, and chemical products.