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DOX Advantages in Food Bacteria Counting



Easy operation allows anyone to perform counting

Operation is easy, making counting easy even for those who have no experience in food hygiene inspection.
Daily inspections can be performed in-house without adding new inspection personnel or relying on a laboratory.



Inspections only take 3 steps

Tests can be performed in just three steps: adjust the sample solution with raw material and diluent, place the culture medium and sample solution in a disposable cell cartridge, and set it in the main unit.



Reduces running costs

Testing requires far fewer man-hours, about 1/2 that of the conventional method (when testing 25 samples/compared to our method).
With the introduction of DOX, both labor costs and testing time can be significantly reduced and running costs can be kept down.



Can count bacteria of multiple samples simultaneously

The DOX lineup consists of two models, which can count bacteria of either 60 or 30 samples. Since up to three units can be connected, it is possible to count up to 180 samples simultaneously. In addition, there is no need to check the start time of each channel, as counting automatically start in order from the channels in which cell cartridges are set in the main unit.



The greater the abnormality, the sooner the detection

  • Raw material
  • In process
  • Finished product
  • Smear

The conventional method takes 24 to 72 hours just to incubate a sample, but with DOX, a viable count of 10^5 CFU/g can be detected in about 6 hours. The principle of the oxygen electrode method allows for a rapid response to any abnormality detected because the higher the number of bacteria, the quicker the reaction appears.



Automatic transfer of results to database

Test results are automatically stored in a database. The need for visual counting of colonies is eliminated, greatly reducing testing time. Reports can be generated automatically, eliminating time taken to compile results into reports.



Reliable pre-introduction check of actual main unit

If you are considering introducing the system, we ask you to use the demo in advance. DOX main unit and PCs will be available for loan so that those who will actually perform the tests can get an idea of what it will look like after introduction. In addition, we can determine in advance whether the desired samples can be tested with DOX. That way, you can be confident about your decision to introduce the system.



Less hassle to introduce

With DOX, all you need is a single computer. You then simply connect the DOX main unit and install the included software.
With little introduction effort, you can start testing as early as the same day. (Our staff will generally do the introduction work.)


Key Points

  • No need to sterilize agar medium
  • No need for serial dilution of sample solutions
  • No need to clean test tubes after dilution
  • No need for numerous Petri dishes or incubators
  • No need for colony counts
  • No need to create reports