FAQ (Main unit)

Q: What is DOX’s service life?

The DOX main unit terminal area, where cell cartridges are inserted and removed, will wear over time. In durability testing, it has endured 5,000 cycles of insertion and removal.

Q: Does the main unit ever break down?

The main unit is a precision instrument. It should be used in the recommended environment and handled with care.

Q: What should we do if the main unit breaks down?

First, check the “Failure and Error Indicators” FAQ. Then contact the distributor from whom you purchased the main unit or our company.

Q: Can the DOX system be used at overseas factories?

Yes. Please let us know the country where you plan to use it. Please note that software is available for Japanese, English, and Chinese-language Windows.

Q: Can the main unit be sent by courier?

Yes. When sending, please classify as “Precision Instrument: Handle With Care.”

Q: Is the software sold separately?

No. The software is included with the DOX main unit.

Q: Does a PC come with the DOX system?

No. Please provide your own computer. We have recommended specifications, however, so please contact us prior to purchase.

Q: What is the price of the main unit?

Please contact us directly or consult a DOX distributor.