DOX system (DOX-60F/DOX-30F) rapidly evaluates the total number of microorganisms, coliforms and Escherichia coli

Specifications of DOX main unit

DOX is of two types.  DOX-60F can concurrently test up to 60 samples individually and DOX-30F 30 samples.



Model Name DOX-60F DOX-30F
Number of Channels 60 30
Maximum Units Controlled by One PC 3 units combining 60F/30F
Preset Temperature 35°C
Communication Protocol RS232C(PC-DOX) / RS485(DOX-DOX)
Power Supply AC100V@50/60Hz
Rated Power Consumption 170W 90W
Number of Power Outlet (not interlocked) 2 (Maximum 500W in total) 1 (Maximum 500W)
Recommended Operating Condition

Temperature: 15-30℃,
Humidity: 20-80% (without dew condensation)

Dimensions (exclusive of protruding portion) W600/H120/D310mm W430/H120/D310mm
Weight 13.4kg 8.9kg
Accessories RS-232C cable, AC power cable, DOX software


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