DOX system (DOX-60F/DOX-30F) rapidly evaluates the total number of microorganisms, coliforms and Escherichia coli

Merits of DOX in food inspection


DOX is an innovative food inspection system using oxygen electrode method.  It can automatically count, evaluate and record number of microorganisms by measuring their respiration speed.


Total viable cells, coliforms, Escherichia coli(qualitative), Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella can be evaluated with this system.  The inspection process is easy and fast, and test results can be sent to another manufacturing site timely and hassle-free.


Simple operation and user-friendly

The DOX system is so user-friendly that people with no experience of food testing can operate it easily.  DOX enables in-house food bacteria counting on a daily basis without additional testing staff or any sort of outsourcing. 


Quick detection

DOX method has reduced detection time to approximately 6 hours (for viable counts of 10CFU/g), while conventional tests which require incubation and visual colony count take more than 24 hours.


The whole process is completed in only 3 steps

Testing with DOX is completed in only 3 steps: mix food sample with the liquid culture medium, transfer the mixture into the disposable cell cartridge and set the cartridge into the DOX main unit.  You have no need to dilute the sample with agar medium or to count the number of colonies.  Accordingly, the person in charge doesn’t have to be occupied with the process and the number of testing staff can be significantly reduced.


Low running cost


DOX has significantly reduced man-hour requirement to about half of the conventional method (in the case of testing 25 samples at our company).  DOX will cut down your personnel expenses and time for testing to a large degree, and it leads to lower running cost.


Concurrent testing of multiple samples

DOX-60F deals with up to 60 samples and DOX-30F 30 samples individually.  This means different ingredients or samples extracted from different processes can be measured concurrently within your company.  Also, the testing will be automatically initiated once a sample is set into the DOX unit.  Even when you test a number of samples, you don’t have to check the starting time for each sample.


Fuss-free and space-saving introduction

All you need is a PC to introduce the DOX system into your workplace.  You have only to install the attached software and connect the DOX main unit to the PC.  It will not cost you extra time, space, or money and you can initiate an inspection at once.


Test results are stored in the database automatically60_200.jpg

Test results will be stored in the database automatically.  As you will no longer have to count the number of colonies with visual observation, testing time will be reduced significantly.  Also, a report writer feature in the attached software will save you a great deal of time manually compiling a report.


Abnormalities become obvious promptly

DOX's revolutionary oxygen electrode method makes it possible that the more bacteria exist in the samples, the quicker they will be detected.  Also, as you can conduct an inspection near the production site, you can take a swift response to any detected abnormalities.


You can experience its advantages in advance

We offer a test analysis using your company's food samples for your consideration so that the effectiveness of the DOX system can be realized before actually adopting it.

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