DOX system (DOX-60F/DOX-30F) rapidly evaluates the total number of microorganisms, coliforms and Escherichia coli

About the introduction of DOX into your workplace


Is it possible for our staff without any experience in food inspection take charge of DOX testing?

Some of our customers were absolute beginners in bacterial testing, and they started operating DOX after receiving 1day training.


How much does it cost per testing?  Will our cost-effectiveness of testing be increased if we adopt the DOX system?

We have detailed information on this subject.  Please contact Bio-Theta, Ltd. directly or other DOX distributors.

Do we need anything other than culture mediums and cell cartridges for DOX testing?

Yes.  Instruments used in making samples (this process is called “pre-treatment”) and for sterilization prior to disposing of used samples are required.


How much does it cost to buy all the equipments needed for the DOX testing?

That depends on the extent of testing that you intend to conduct.  Please contact us for details.


Do we need to prepare a bioclean room?



Is it necessary to purchase an autoclave?  How much does it cost?

As used cell cartridges need to be sterilized before disposal, some of our customers have purchased autoclaves.  Compact ones cost about 200,000 yen.  The cell cartridges can be sterilized by boiling too.


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