DOX system (DOX-60F/DOX-30F) rapidly evaluates the total number of microorganisms, coliforms and Escherichia coli

About the DOX system


Can we see what the apparatus look like in advance?

We would visit your company and offer a trial use of DOX at your request.  Please contact us.


What should we do if the apparatus breaks down?

Please contact the distributor from which you purchased the DOX system, or Bio-Theta, Ltd.


Can we use the DOX system at overseas factories?

Yes.  Currently DOX is used in China, Korea, United States and Southeast Asian countries.  We have Windows-compliant software for Japanese, English and Chinese languages.  Please let us know in which country you intend to use DOX.


Give us a quote for DOX.

Please contact Bio-Theta, Ltd. directly or other DOX distributors.


Is the software sold separately?

No.  It is attached to the DOX main unit.


Can we send a DOX main unit by courier?

Yes.  Please classify the package as a precision apparatus to be handled with care.


How long is the service life of DOX?

We have confirmed that DOX can be used for 10 years even if used every day.  We have DOX leasing option and its lease period is usually 5 years.  Worn-away part of DOX is the terminal area where cell cartridges are inserted and removed.  We have conducted a durability test of the part and confirmed that it can endure 5000 times of insertion and removal.


Can the DOX main unit break down easily?

The unit seldom goes wrong unless accidents, such as spilling water on the terminal area, happen.  Some of our customers use the DOX system almost every day, and no problem has been reported with their units.


What should we do in case the unit breaks down?

Please contact the distributor from which you purchased the DOX system, or Bio-Theta, Ltd.


Does a PC come with DOX?

No.  Please prepare a PC on your own.


Can any PC be used along with the DOX system?

We have recommended specifications.  Please feel free to contact us.


Can the PC being used for DOX testing carry out other jobs simultaneously?

It is possible, but please be sure not to load the CPU too much.  In case the PC hangs up or shuts down the programs, recovery of data is not guaranteed.


Should we leave the PC on?

Yes.  Please keep the PC on.  PC undertakes control of the DOX main unit and storage of the signals.


What if an abrupt power failure happens during the measurement?

If the blackout is temporary (within a few seconds), DOX will automatically continue the measurement when the power comes back on.  If the PC becomes turned off, please reboot the PC and restart the software.  If the electricity goes out for a long period of time, please contact Bio-Theta, Ltd.


Is maintenance or calibration of DOX needed?

No maintenance is needed unless accidents such as spilling liquid on the channels are caused.  We have an optional service to check the power output of each channel of DOX.  Upon customer’s request, we will send cell cartridges that are designed to make the unit generate a fixed output.


Can we start testing right after turning on the unit?

That depends on the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere.  Usually, it will take about 10 minutes to heat the internal section of the unit to the incubation temperature of 35 degrees celsius.


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