DOX system (DOX-60F/DOX-30F) rapidly evaluates the total number of microorganisms, coliforms and Escherichia coli

Customer comments


Here are comments from our customers using DOX system.


We appreciate that test results become available quickly.

- Now we can judge the quality of raw materials before putting them into processing.

- As we can get test results promptly, pre-shipment reviews are easier.

- Since test results are available the same day, we can take measures against any troubles on that day.

- It is very useful that we detect unsafe ingredients more quickly.

- Process control and management of shipping inspection are smoother.

- Inspection time has been reduced compared to the conventional method.

- Outsourcing of testing used to take us quite a long time to get the results, but now DOX gives us the result on the following day.


Operation is simple & easy

As DOX is easy to operate, we started to conduct tests daily.

- Because there is no need to hire specialists in testing, we can economize on the personnel cost.

- It's so easy that we can leave it once we set the cartridge.

- Our cooks and nutritionists used to check the ingredients with their intuition and courage.  Now we can do it in a scientific manner using DOX.

- We found the petri dish test difficult for us to use.  DOX was just the thing.

- As our test is self-imposed, DOX, instead of the agar method, was enough for us.

- Since we deal with many samples, DOX's easy operation and simple process is very helpful to us.

- It provides a convenient way to analyze the trend of the viable count.

- Because testing is started once each sample is set, a small number of inspectors can deal with many samples.


Cost is low

- We could save our running costs because all we needed was the cell cartridges and culture mediums after the adoption of DOX.

- In-house staff, instead of external specialists, could take charge of the testing, and it lowered our personnel costs.

- External examination was costing us a huge amount of money.  DOX has reduced the cost significantly.


Reliable hygienic management is appealing to the customers

- We informed our customers that we perform proper hygiene control using DOX.  This has led us to a new business deal.

- The fact we use state-of-the-art equipment was very appealing to the customers.

- We could close a big business deal by being evaluated favorably by the customer due to the fact that we had strengthened our hygiene management by using DOX.

- Our efforts for high quality using DOX is good PR.


Other comments

- It has improved the hygienic awareness of the workers.

- As we deal with many samples, petri dishes of the agar method were occupying too much space.  DOX doesn't require any additional space because only the main unit needs to be placed.

- We use it for our quality design too.

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